Public Customer Reviews

85% of customers trust independent 3rd party and public reviews. provides the platform for all B2B & B2C companies on customer reviews. Customer-facing staffs perform 75% better when reviews are publicized, and 35% of staffs are better motivated using Claps as ratings.


independent review


Better Staff Performance


Staff Motivation

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Reviews tailored to your business operations and structure

Customer confidence improves 95% when reviews are comprehensively structured to cover all outlets or departments. Businesses efficiency and productivity improve 35% when businesses act on to customers’ reviews


Customer Confidence


Business Efficiency

Customized business questions on customer experience

90% of unhappy customer will never buy again, 72% of customers will buy if their problems are resolved, and 71% of customer buy based on buying experience. Customized customer feedback improves up to 52% on sales.


Unhappy Customers


Problems Resolved


Customer Experience


Customer Feedback

Your promotional offers to get return customers

At 1% or less on customer acquisition cost on return and new customers, provides the platform to cross-promote offers within our user base. These promotional offers get exposed to all our users

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Return Customer costs

Customer reviews on your website

Enjoy up to 19% improvement in the sales conversion rate on your website with customer reviews compiled and certified by, and 45% uplift in sales conversion rate with more than 200 reviews.

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Sales Conversion


Sale Uplift

Handle unhappy customers immediate

96% of unhappy customers will not complain, so it’s important to handle these unhappy customers before losing sight of them. 81% of businesses use customer experience as a way to measure their business success, and it all starts from these unhappy customers.


Non-complaining Customers


Customer Experience

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Improve search rankings

7% better chance that your website gets rank higher through our reviews


Search Ranking

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